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MatrixSpec’s patented A.I. powered technologies allow food processing
companies to optimize productivity, reduce waste, and increase safety.


Hyperspectral Imaging


Gender Detection


Meat Quality Assessment


Seafood Quality and Safety Assessment

Our Products

Egg Hatcheries

Egg Hatcheries

Revolutionize Poultry Farming with the MSE3000 Scanner: Detect Gender and Egg Fertility Early.

The next generation MSE3000 scanner from MatrixSpec marks a breakthrough in poultry farming. Using a non-invasive method, this innovative technology accurately detects egg fertility and determines gender prior to incubation. This empowers farmers to make informed decisions that improve animal welfare, enhance sustainability, and optimize productivity.

Pork Processing

Pork Processing

MatrixSpec’s handheld MS@i100 scanner will accurately grade any cut of pork to any international standard.

Fish Processing

Fish Processing

MatrixSpec’s handheld MSF150 scanner will accurately grade any cut of fish to any international standard increasing both the speed of grading and accuracy powered by AI algorithms.

The Hyperspectral Difference


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