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About MatrixSpec

Changing the Agri-food Industry

Matrixspec Solutions Inc. is a global leader in hyperspectral imaging in the food processing industry. Founded in 2014 and based on over ten years of state of the art research, MatrixSpec’s patented technology is able to assess the quality and safety level while providing detailed analysis of various types of eggs, cuts of meat, and other processed foods. Several innovations developed by MatrixSpec are global game changers.

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Dr. Michael Ngadi, P.Eng

Dr. Michael Ngadi, P.Eng

Founder & CEO

Michael is a professor of Bio-resource Engineering at McGill University and is one of the world’s foremost experts on Hyperspectral Imaging as it relates to food processing.

Dr. Laura Liu

Dr. Laura Liu

Co-Founder & CTO

Laura is one of the world’s leading experts in image processing and pattern analysis, with a primary focus on the food and agri-food industry.

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Mission Statement

To achieve superior food quality and safety through non-destructive methods.